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[2019-07-01] Near Source IT becomes official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance

Security Engineering and Consulting

Security is finally beginning to be taken seriously by more and more people as news of large corporate networks being compromised, with perpetrators making of with millions of credit card numbers, or terabytes of sensitive data.

When architecting a network, the engineers are in a unique position to build security into the network infrastructure, by segmenting the network and controlling access between each segment. This can provide a measure of nearly physical security on your network, analogous to a locked door between a main office, and a secure storage room to which only certain people have a key. Restricting the flow of data between different portions of the network while still allowing regular business functions, ensures that viruses and malacious users cannot easily spread across your entire network.

A startlingly large number of compromises come from within a company, or from contractors and sub-contractors who have access to sensitive systems or networks. In some cases, such as the with Edward Snowden, the contractor is the perpetrator, while in other cases, such as the breach of the Target point-of-sales systems, the contractor's lax security just provided the perpetrator with entry into the sensitive network. Both of these cases could have been mitigator, or possibly even prevented, with the use of the FUDO Network Security Appliance. By recording the actions of each user accessing the sensitive networks, servers, and documents, the corporate security officer can detect suspicious behaviour before the data breach occurs. Failing that, the FUDO provides an iron clad audit trail of exactly what data was accessed, and by whom. With verified trusted timestamps and cryptographically secure record fingerprinting that will stand up in court, presecuting internal or external malactors no longer requires extensive forensics to generate proof.