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[2019-07-01] Near Source IT becomes official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance

FUDO - Secure Credential Sharing

With some applications and appliances, there is only one administrative user and it must be shared between multiple administrators. This can be an issue when it comes to maintain a proper audit trail to ensure each action can be reliably attributed to the user who performed the action.

The FUDO Network Security Appliance has a feature that solves this problem, and also a number of other issues. The "Credential Switching" feature allows users to login to the service or server they are trying to reach with their FUDO login (optionally linked to your existing Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure). Once authenticated, the FUDO then authenticates to the target service with a different set of credentials, such as the shared "administrator" account, or an SSH private key. In this setup, none of the users have knowledge of the shared password or the SSH secret key. They only know their own individual login, that then gives them access to use the privleged account. Since each session is recorded, encrypted, and timestamped, a detailed audit record of which actions were performed by each user is created. All of the actions actually happen under a single account on the target server, traceable to the individual FUDO user.