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[2019-07-01] Near Source IT becomes official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance

FUDO - Threat Scenarios

The FUDO Network Security Appliance is designed to defend your network and its servers and services from a number of different types of attacks, from both within and without your organization. Here are just some of the ways the FUDO can protect you and your sensitive data.

  1. Unauthorized access to sensitive data

    The FUDO creates an audit trail allowing your security officer to ensure no one has improperly accessed data they shouldn't have.

  2. Theft of documents, patents, confidential information, or other data

    The FUDO's "Protocol Functionality Control" feature allows the security officer to disable features of RDP and SSH that could be used to download or copy data. This prevents a user or an attacker from exfiltrating sensitive data.

  3. Deletion or modification of essential or sensitive information, and financial or records fraud

    All activites on the monitored systems are recorded, on video. Specific activites can be restricted, and if a user attempts to access or modify information to which they are not permitted, their session will be terminated, and their account can be suspended automatically.

  4. Unauthorized administrative activities (configuration changes, setting up backdoors, malware infection)

    Administrator accounts often have to be shared due to the nature of the configuration of many applications and other appliances. The credential switching feature of the FUDO allows users to login to the FUDO with their own unique username and passphrase (or SSH key, with optional two-factor authentication), and then the final connection to the target service uses the shared credentials. In this setup, none of the end users have access to the shared credentials, and independent audit logs (with video) of each users' actions are available for review by the security officer.

  5. Activities in contravention of corporate security policy

    Monitor your IT staff and ensure their work time is spent on work, and not on unauthorized activities.

  6. Suppressing evidence of crime

    Sessions are recorded direct to the encrypted storage on the FUDO device. Each record includes an cryptographically secure authentication record to prove it has not been modified or tampered with, and a trusted timestamp, from a reliable 3rd party provider. This ensures evidence collected by the FUDO is irrefutable in court.

  7. Incorrect execution of orders

    Avoid the blame game. The FUDO provides video evidence of exactly who did what. Each configuration change on your servers is documented in crystal clear video, and tied to the specific user who performed the actions.

  8. Consultants that lack competencies

    You hire a consultant to perform a specific function, but it doesn't seem to be happening. All sessions are logged, so you can check and make sure your consultants actually have the skills they claimed.

  9. Incorrect billable hours

    Many businesses suspect their consultants are overcharging them. In addition to the full video of the work sessions, the FUDO also generates an activity report, showing during what percentage of the session there was actual activity. Don't pay for hours where your consultant was actually idle.