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[2019-07-01] Near Source IT becomes official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance

The History of Near Source IT

Near Source IT was founded in October of 2008 when Stefan Caunter and Allan Jude (Stefan's former star pupil at Mohawk College) joined their independent consulting practises.

Q3 2008: Bootstrapped with the combined customer base of their existing practises, Near Source IT quickly grew and expanded. While both principals had previously focused on unix server administration, Near Source IT also provided custom web application development, especially related to Google Maps, providing store locators and other geographic features to numerous sites. This later expanded into the real estate sector, and then into government related services including depot locators for paint, oil, and electronics recycling.

Q1 2009: The joint consultancy officially gets a name, 7065213 Canada Limited starts operating as: Near Source IT.

Q3 2009: While discussing the news of the day, including the frequent appearance of the twitter 'fail whale', and the problems suffered by twitter's open source rival, Stefan and Allan jointly developed a method of scaling web applications and SQL databases. This was quickly launched as ScaleEngine.

Q3 2010: ScaleEngine is growing rapidly and expands into an HTTP Content Distribution Network to increase the scalability of popular sites and web applications by delivering static assets and intelligent cache from local sources.

Q1 2011: ScaleEngine expands its CDN offerings to include Video Streaming.

Q2 2011: Allan starts TechSNAP (Security, Network, and Admin Podcast) - A weekly podcast focused on network security and explaining the details and importance of security related news.

Q4 2012: 7065213 Canada Limited is officially renamed ScaleEngine Inc., Security Consulting and other services are still offered under the Near Source IT brand.

Q4 2014: Near Source IT becomes the official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance