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[2019-07-01] Near Source IT becomes official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance

Near Source IT - Principals

Both principals of this company have deep experience in IT and in teaching. Specialization in the E-Commerce and Security sectors makes them a powerful resource for any project.

Stefan Caunter

Caunter was instrumental in the growth of online car insurance quoting as a business model with as its systems architect from 2001 - 2007, the first large Canadian deployment for the nginx webserver. He designed the varnish cache full site delivery system for the website relaunch in 2011, the Toronto Star website relaunch in 2010, as well as the nginx system for their in house CMS. He designed the distributed delivery system for the 600,000 user Ontario Grade 7-10 Math Homework Help educational chat system for the ILC in Ontario, Canada. Faculty at Mohawk College from 2002 - 2008, he holds a Specialized Honours Degree in English from Glendon College.

Allan Jude

Jude is one of Canada's top unix and security consultants. He is VP of Operations for the ScaleEngine global Content Distribution Network, where he designed much of the infrastructure and the secure digital user ticketing system for secure pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand. He hosts the weekly TechSNAP and BSD Now technical podcasts. Allan is also a FreeBSD committer, and author of large portions of the ZFS (Enterprise File System) chapter of the renowned FreeBSD Handbook, as well as a number of articles in the FreeBSD Journal. He holds both the Network Systems and Network Engineer and Security Analyst Diplomas from Mohawk College in Hamilton, where he taught in the Computer Science department from 2008 - 2011.