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[2019-07-01] Near Source IT becomes official Canadian distributor of the FUDO Network Security Appliance

Near Source IT Privacy Policly

Statement of Privacy

This is our privacy policy. It may not work for your organization. We can write and produce PIPEDA compliant documentation and processes upon request. See the contact information at the end of this page.

Anyone can navigate this website without giving us personal information.
We do not use personal information to provide access to this website.
We know that you expect us to deal correctly and carefully with your information. We do.

This statement of privacy explains:

Please read this complete privacy statement. By using, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

Collecting your Specific Personal Information

This is done whenever you click the submit button on our website forms and we are able to associate your IP address with your account. When you use our website, you are consenting to provide this information and understand that it is being collected.

This information is requested when you are requesting a quote, service or giving us feedback about by filling in and submitting to us one of our website forms.

Personal information collected by is used to provide a service. Any information requested by the presentation of any form on our website will be clearly marked and no collection will take place unless you not only fill in the form but also actively and successfully submit that form's content to us.

We do not use SSL certificates to enable encryption of form data when you transmit information to us. Such transmission of data to us is done entirely at your own risk.

We also may collect specific aggregate and tracking data based on your individual use and behaviour on the website. You acknowledge and understand that you have no expectation of privacy whatsoever when you use our website and you further acknowledge and understand that your sole and exclusive remedy should you not agree to this fact is to stop using our systems and website.

Use of your Personal Information

Other companies may provide limited services on our behalf, including payment processing and answering customer questions about products or services. We will only provide those companies the information they need to deliver the service, and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.

An IP address is associated with you and any submission you choose to make on this site. This is done as part of our website logging, or as a part of the payment processing service we use. No payment information of any kind is stored at will never disclose your personal information, unless it is required to do so by court order. This has never happened.

Control of your Personal Information

When you give us personal information, will never share that information with third parties other than for the limited exceptions already listed. Your information is only used for the specific and obvious purpose you see on our site.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

Logging of Page Requests

All web browser page requests are recorded in a log file, and we no interest in associating, or developing an ability to associate, these requests with individual site users. This logging is done for general statistical analysis which lets us understand how our site is used and accessed. An IP address is logged as a part of this data collection. We do not associate you with that address.

We are able to use our webserver logs to find out how many and which pages are requested from our website, and which sites "send visitors" to our site. Generally, all web browsers transmit this information to all webservers, and all webservers record this information in a log file.

This privacy policy is updated from time to time. It is written by Stefan Caunter. Updated, February 22, 2009. All rights reserved, copyright 2009.